Chip War by Chris Miller Vaclav Smil has already written about how foundational technologies like steel, concrete, plastics, and fertilizers underpin our civilization; without these, we would regress thousands of years. Add microchips to this list, a...

On Investing in Israel

  I’ve been asked the question why I don’t invest in Israeli companies, given my connections to Israel: Half my family is there, my father was born there, I have an Israeli passport, I lived there, I speak very bad Hebrew. And I think that it’s...

Nobody’s Fool: Why We Get Taken In and What We Can Do About It

Professor Chris Chabris has a new book coming out: Nobody’s Fool: Why We Get Taken In and What We Can Do About It – co-authored authored with Dan Simons. It’s their first book since “The Invisible Gorilla” which was published 13 years ago! Chabris tells me...

The Dissident.

Congratulations to Director Bryan Vogel for his movie The Dissident – which tells the story of gruesome murder of Jamal Kashoggi. Part of that story is that Jeff Bezos got his phone hacked probably with the use of Pegasus which is software made by an Israeli...

Why Write an Email Newsletter?

  My answer to this question is to ask another: What if I keep seeking out the very best people? To learn from them: To shine a light on what they are doing right. If I make them a part of my ecosystem? If I amplify their actions? My email newsletter is one...

Naama Baram of Teva Pharmaceuticals

This conversation was with Naama Baram – who is the General Manager of Teva Pharmaceuticals in Switzerland.

Teva and the Pharma Industry


Maria Wislawa Szymborska

Teva Background: 00:48:500
Teva and generics soon to come off patent: 03:05:500
Teva Copaxone 04:38:000
Teva R&D efforts: 06:42:500
Teva R&D budget allocation: 07:51:000
– Investment stages in clinical trials: 09:400:500
Teva R&D budget decisions: 10:53:500
Evaluating Teva for investment: 11:11:500
Teva Remicade: 12:23:500
Worlds of healthcare services and devices: 15:17:500
Pharma industry and covid19: 17:06:400
Naamas’ family life work balance: 19:50:000
Key things about meditation: 21:56:000
Mediation routine: 23:00:000
Difference between daydreaming and meditation: 24:13:200
Meditation Resources:
– Thich Nhat Hanh: 25:30:000
– Eckhart Tolle author of The Power of Now and A New Earth: 25:42:500
Naamas’ poetry journey: 26:23:000
Favourite Poets:
Maria Wisława Anna Szymborska: 27:32:000
Bible poems: 28:43:000
Whose texts should be in the Bible if it were to be rewritten:
Yehuda Amichai: 29:06:900
Rumi: 29:21:400
Hafez: 29:34:500
Companies & CEO admiration: 30:32:500

Conversation with Eric Schleien

Last week, I sat down to speak with Eric Schleien on the Intelligent Investing Podcast.  I originally met Eric at the Berkshire meeting a decade ago. I’m impressed with how much Eric has grown over those years. I especially enjoyed talking about Switzerland how...

Join me at the Berkshire Hathaway Meeting 2019

If you plan to attend the Berkshire Hathaway meeting in Omaha…       Berkshire Meeting 2019 Public group · 109 members   Join Group   If you plan to attend the 2019 Berkshire Hathaway meeting in...