Georgina Godwin interviews Amanda Pullinger
David Jud
December 01, 2020

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In this call, Georgina Godwin and Amanda Pullinger discuss the advantages of having a diverse workplace, and the opportunities presented by having more women take leading roles in finance. Amanda Pullinger, CEO of 100 Women in Finance, uses her experience to predict what proportion women will make up the finance sector by 2030.


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About Amanda Pullinger (00:00)

Pursuing a Career After University (07:51)

Women Underrepresented in Finance (11:41)

Lack of Diversity in the Workplace (15:01)

100 Women in Finance (18:43)

Openness to Political Debate (30:12)

How Will a Biden Administration Affect the World of Finance? (33:02)

Thoughts on Brexit (37:06)

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