Georgina Godwin interviews Philippe Taieb
David Jud
March 19, 2021

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Georgina Godwin interviews Philippe Taieb, an accomplished and respected consultant and coach with a unique experience of working both in the corporate world as a consultant at Braxton Associates, a strategy consulting firm, and in the social impact sector, for The Nature Conservancy, the world’s largest environmental non profit, a role he was recruited for from Harvard Business School.

Philippe discusses his upbringing in France, as the son of Tunisian immigrants and the origin of his Arabic name, Taieb. Armed with a very common Christian first name, he believes that as an immigrant family his parents wanted him to have a good start in life but also blend in and integrate in Paris, a very diverse city, with people from all backgrounds and origins. History then repeated itself, when Philippe himself became an immigrant when he moved to America 23 years ago to grab the opportunities that America offered.

Philippe is a very passionate individual and his passions originate from his background and his keen awareness from his youth about equality and social justice. This ingrained ethos and the skills Philippe’s business education has given him, means he can apply that to the social impact sector to help organisations maximise their social impact instead of maximising just their profits. When he made the transition from the corporate world of the Harvard Business School to the social impact arena of The Nature Conservancy, he was in a unique position to start mentoring.

Philippe’s business expertise led him into the coaching work he does with leadership and career development, making people realise their potential, working with them to try to understand where they want to go and how to help them get there.

Philippe’s passions away from the workplace are art and dance, which he believes should be a component of the fabric of any society. From gazing at Rosko’s at the National Gallery, going to the Opera in Paris or watching dance groups in Boston, he has immersed himself in the arts wherever he has lived in the world.

Finally, Philippe addresses the question about being interviewed rather than being the interviewer. He reflects on the positives of self reflection and that as long as you keep your integrity, work hard, continue to keep your goals in mind and be very aware of what’s going on around you, you will be fine.


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About Philippe Taieb (00:00)

Philippe’s Identity and Roots (01:26)

Life in America as an Immigrant (06:56)

Philippe’s Passions and Career (10:00)

The Non Profit Economy (12:52)

Thoughts on Another Passion – Dance and the Arts (21:06)

Harvard Business School Students – have they become less arrogant? (27:12)

The Future of Politics in France (31:04)


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