Georgina Godwin interviews Lory Spier
David Jud
January 04, 2022


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A few months ago, Lory Spier was invited to give the prize-giving-day speech to graduating students at the Dragon School in Oxford. In this interview she talks to Georgina Godwin about growing up in Mexico, her working experiences and life in her twenties, as well as meeting Guy and eventually settling down in New York.
At the end of the episode, Lory reads out the speech that she gave at the Dragon School, which allows the listeners to truly get a sense of what Lory’s core values are, and what she and Guy try to pass onto their children.

Full transcript available here:


Growing Up in Mexico (00:00)
From Architecture to Radio and Television (07:24)
The Love Story of Lory and Guy (11:11)
Teachers’ and Schools’ Impact on Children (17:58)
What is Special About the Dragon School (22:53)
Lory’s Prize-Giving-Day Speech (27:45)

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