Georgina Godwin interviews Grant Schreiber
Guy Spier
December 04, 2020

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I asked co-host, Georgina Godwin, to interview Grant Schreiber – who is the editor of Real Leaders.

He talks about growing up in South Africa, his books, Real Leaders magazine, and his plans for the future.

Amongst other things, he tells Georgina:

“It’s not all gloom and doom in South Africa. South Africa is an amazing country. The diversity is great. We’ve got beautiful mountains and beaches, people who have empathy and love life. Unfortunately, that does not always translate into a successful democracy.”

You can find the full transcript available here:


Early Life and Education under Apartheid (01:51)

Business Regulations in South Africa (06:51)

The Books: Healing Through Humour (09:03)

Becoming Global Citizens (11:02)

Real Leaders: What Makes Them Stand Out? (14:29)

Sustainability Under the Loop (19:54)

Future Plans (23:45)

The Power of Networking and Personal Connections (25:27)

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