Zero Management Fees

In my book, the Education of a Value Investor, I write about my difficulties in getting to a zero management fee structure for my fund. Indeed, it was only my meeting with Mohnish Pabrai, and our subsequent lunch with Warren…

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With Whom I Would Invest

With Whom would I Invest? If I was not investing professionally myself, who would I hire to invest for me? Here are the criteria that I would use. 1. They should be investing their own money 2. It should be their primary…

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I’m a Zurich-based investor and the author of The Education of a Value Investor, which was published in 2014.

Since 1997, I’ve managed a privately offered investment fund known as the Aquamarine Fund.

In 2009, I moved from New York to Zurich, Switzerland, where I live with my wife Lory and our three children, Eva, Isaac and Sarah.