Guy Spier interviews Ninad Shinde about lab-on-a-chip devices, the evolution of the private equity space, and the cloud / software as a service business

Ninad Shinde talks to Guy Spier about his education, his work on lab-on-a-chip devices, about the evolution of the private equity space and about one of his big interests, the cloud / software as a service business.

Why Write an Email Newsletter?

  My answer to this question is to ask another: What if I keep seeking out the very best people? To learn from them: To shine a light on what they are doing right. If I make them a part of my ecosystem? If I amplify their actions? My email newsletter is one answer – […]

Georgina Godwin interviews Olaf Hein about his early life and education and the evolution of his career in the financial industry.

Olaf Hein is the CEO of Elbstein AG, a publicly-traded German holding company.

Guy Spier interviews David Sumpter about various applications of mathematics in practical areas of our day-to-day life

David Sumpter is a professor of applied mathematics at the University of Uppsala, in Sweden, and the author of a wonderful book, called The 10 equations that Rule the World.

Guy Spier interviews Ricardo Fernandez about his education and career

Ricardo Fernandez is the Founder and Managing Partner of Signal Capital, an alternative asset management company. He grew up in Brazil, studied in Spain and in the United States, and holds an MBA from IESE and an AMP from Harvard Business School.

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