Eitan Chitayat
Guy Spier
June 29, 2020
Eitan Chitayat leads Natie, a creative branding agency based in Tel Aviv.

I originally met Eitan at the founding of the Entrepreneurs Organization chapter in Tel Aviv. When it comes to branding, he’s a creative genius. He’s also the author of the extraordinary “I’m that Jew” viral youtube video that got more than 10 million views on various social channels.

I’m that Jew
Eitan on Twitter
Interview in EO Octane
Episode Transcript

Key moments
Leveraging technology to connect with clients (8:25)
About that friend in Paris…during those three days of terror (10:25)
Behind the scenes of the video production (12:53)
Releasing the awe-inspiring video (16:33)
Jewish advocacy (21:24)
Eitan’s brand strategy (24:53)
Articulating the story everyone wants to hear (31:42)
Why is there so much noise in the world? (42:37)
How the Golden Rule can motivate people to act like a human being (46:33)
Benefits of avoiding negativity on social media (51:41)
Teaching the children well (52:52)
Eitan’s heroes: Tanenbaum and Collins (56:26)
Spotlighting individuals who he admires (58:47)
The impact Dana Satterwhite had on Eitan (1:02:32)
The sound of silence (1:04:14)
The magic touch of a sister (1:05:29)
Keats and Tolkien as great writers (1:09)


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