Manos Papatheofaneous
David Jud
August 09, 2021

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Manos Papatheofanous was born and raised in Greece, before moving to London to study computer science 31 years ago. Throughout his career he has worked various jobs in banks and proprietary trading desks, in asset management firms and in hedge funds, and has also completed a degree from London Business School of Master’s in Finance. Two years ago, Mr. Papatheofanous joined CPP Investments, the investment arm of the Canadian Pension Plan, which manages about 500 billion dollars for approximately 20 million Canadian pensioners.

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Working at the Canadian Pension Plan (00:00:00)

The CPP’s Investment Strategy (00:09:21)

The Challenges and Advantages of Being Big (00:16:54)

Connections Between the Labour Market, Inflation and Globalization (00:28:00)

The Federal Reserve’s Influence on Inflation (00:41:46)

The Goal of Negative Interest Rates (00:50:53)

Cryptocurrencies or Crypto Assets? (00:56:13)

Book Recommendations and Getting in Touch (01:06:55)



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