Kevin Schawinski: Supermassive Black Holes, the Big Bang, Quantum Mechanics, Artificial Intelligence and More.
Guy Spier
November 17, 2020

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In this conversation, Kevin Schawinski talks to me about galaxies’ transition process, quantum mechanics, and machine learning. He also goes into detail about his Galaxy Zoo citizen science project and about Modulos.


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From Cornell University to Balliol College, Oxford (01:54)

The Mechanisms Behind Galaxies’ Transition Process (06:26)

Quantum Mechanics: The Many-Worlds Interpretation (19:23)

The Limits of the Laws of Nature (33:53)

Galaxy Zoo: A Citizen Science Project (44:11)

The Difficulties Of Machine Learning Technology (54:01)

Modulos: Building a Universal Tool (1:03:25)

Powerful Algorithms Behind Social Media (1:15:40)

What Can Switzerland and the UK Learn From Each Other? (1:29:56)

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