Joe Chapman
David Jud
December 03, 2020


Sports and sportsmen can teach us so much about life. And Joe Chapman is no exception.
In 2006 in Melbourne, Joe became the youngest person to ever compete in professional squash. Eventually, he rose to rank in the top 100 squash players in the world. Today Joe is still the number one ranked player in the British Virgin Islands.
Joe knows about what winning feels like, but also what losing feels like. He has also thought carefully about when it’s smart to quit (even though it can be very difficult_.
Today, Chapman is a real estate developer – developing properties in the British Virgin Islands and in the UK. He has great insights into what makes investments in real estate work.
In our interview, we discuss all of these things, as well as his insights into projects like the Woodlands master-planned community in Houston, Texas – which is owned by Howard Hughes Corporation $HHC – to smaller projects like Nanny Cay in the British Virgin Islands and fixer-upper projects in London.


University of Rochester

Michael Rizzo

Journal Monetary Economics

Wikipedia Page

BVI Olympic Committee


Full transcript available here:




From the British Virgin Islands to the University of Rochester (00:43)

A Career in Squash (02:49)

Hurricane Irma: What is There to Be Learned? (06:48)

Chapman Property Group: Structure and Future Ideas (09:18)

Successful Models of Urban Environment (15:18)

Master-Planned Communities (21:17)

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