Jackie Shoback
David Jud
June 14, 2021

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Jackie Shoback is a Harvard graduate who has spent the last 25 years of her career as general manager and C-suite executive, with a lot of experience in launching, scaling and growing businesses from startup up through multiple billion dollars. She talks to Guy Spier about co-founding her new venture firm, balancing family and a professional career and the future of digital identity.

Full transcript available here: https://aqfd.docsend.com/view/cpvr23pqya95q9mz


Staples: A Journey of Incredible Growth (00:00:00)

The Changes in Financial Services (00:18:42)

Boston: A Magnet for Talent and Financial Expertise (00:32:44)

Integrating Work and Family (00:51:43)

Timing is Everything (01:01:22)

The Future of Digital Identity (01:09:46)

The Power of Personal Connections (01:26:41)

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