Herman Peterscheck: How to break into the Gaming Industry, Tencent, Warhammer and Disney.
Guy Spier
May 22, 2020

Hermann Peterscheck used to make games at a company called Riot. Now he manages Hypernormal Capital which involves a lot of reading, some writing and the occasional investment decision.




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He is my go-to expert in the gaming industry. We talked about Nintendo, League of Legends, Games Workshop, Tencent and more.
• Hermann’s first exposure to games (03:15)
• Childhood experiences programming (04:15)
• Finding his passion in life and work (08:30)
• Breaking into the industry (10:00)
• Loses first gaming industry job when his company is bested by online gaming (14:00)
• Passion and career choices (17:26)
• Adventure and success with Riot Games (21:13)
• Ignorance and passion: The “magical combination” (22:03)
• From the beginning: Hermann joined Riot Games in 2009, at 33 (23:08)
• For many years, Riot Game’s League of Legends was world’s top game (27:13)
• Stratospheric growth of Riot Games under the aegis of Tencent (34:17)
• Investing in U.K. company “Gamestop” (41:56)
• Further adventures in investing (51:00)
• Investing in Nintendo (54:41)
• The Disney juggernaut (58:00)
• The curious “suicide contraption” that besets some companies (1:00:25)
• More on Gamestop (1:08:57)
• Hermann talks about what’s important in life (1:13)

Access the Transcript here: https://aqfd.docsend.com/view/ud6vfpscrkydcuhe

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