Gautam Baid
David Jud
September 06, 2021

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Gautam Baid, CFA, is the author of the international best-seller The Joys of Compounding. He is also the Founding Creator at Chapter, a revolutionary learning platform. Previously, Gautam served as a portfolio manager at an SEC-registered investment advisor based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Mr. Baid talks to me about growing up in India, moving to the United States, changing careers, and how he found his calling in life. He also shares his future projects and important lessons on compounding.

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Growing Up in India (00:00:00)

A New Beginning: From Investment Banking to the Graveyard Shift (00:06:47)

The Power of Passion (00:10:49)

Becoming a Portfolio Manager (00:17:15)

The Capture Habit (00:21:17)

The Birth of The Joys of Compounding (00:25:15)

The Next Chapter (00:35:13)

How to Walk the Talk (00:45:27)

China vs. India from an Investment Perspective (00:57:54)

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