Aaron Edelheit: Twitter, the Sabbath, US Real Estate and Chick-fil-a
Guy Spier
August 25, 2020

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In this conversation, Aaron Edelheit and I talk about modern approaches to value investing, Twitter, his book, and American home.

Full transcript available here: https://aqfd.docsend.com/view/gu8jh94rj4cemuu5


Modern Approaches To Value Investing (00:41)

Twitter as a Curation Tool (03:15)

Twitter: The Teenage Years (16:47)

Expanding the Twitter Ecosystem (19:43)

Jack-of-All-Trades Investors (33:29)

The Birth of a Value Investor (37:45)

Business vs. Investing (39:25)

Every Day and Twice on Sunday (41:51)

Delayed Shareholder Gratification (48:43)

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