Zurich – City of your Dreams

How interesting that Tyler Brule just wrote an article about Zurich for the FT.

Actually though, this article gives London a backhanded compliment, and Zurich a backhanded slap.  Here is what he writes:

As for London, my home, it didn’t make the top 25 for many of the same reasons New York was omitted. So why am I still here? I can’t argue with the findings of the Monocle survey. Indeed, I once considered Zürich my dream city, with its speedy trains connecting me to skiing and Milan, its wonderful lake and bathing clubs, its pretty hillsides and solid Swiss apartments. Yet, when I eventually tried living there, I lasted less than a year. No matter how much the city had to offer, I couldn’t stand my narrow-minded neighbours. Zürich might have been a liveable city then but it wasn’t a welcoming one.

As I have said to my friends – I am really interested to find out what I am saying about Zurich in a couple of years.

Guy Spier

Guy Spier

I’m a Zurich-based investor and the author of The Education of a Value Investor, which was published in 2014. Since 1997, I’ve managed a privately offered investment fund known as the Aquamarine Fund. In 2009, I moved from New York to Zurich, Switzerland, where I live with my wife Lory and our three children, Eva, Isaac and Sarah.
Guy Spier

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