Writeup in Value Investor Insight
Guy Spier
April 28, 2005

I made the front page of Whitney Tilson’s new publication – Value Investor Insight.
Whitney and John Heins bill the interview as follows:

Globe-hopping value investor explains why he loves the education business, how to identify valuable brands, where he’s finding international ideas and why he’s interested in EVCI, Todhunter International and OZ Holding.

Check here for details:
Guy Spier in the BRK issue of Value Investor Insight

I would be remiss if I did not thank a few people. Whitney and John Heins did a great job of interviewing me. My friend who first said that any good idea has an original provenance is Michael Broudo. He works at Mark Asset Management. The work that I did on Todhunter was done with close help and collaboration from Steve Gilberg of Happyhours. Weetabix was a great idea that I originally started researching after reading an interview with Tom Russo. Much of my thinking about brands originated with Tom – who has some great discussions of brands in the Outstanding Investor Digest.
I originally learned about Neue Zuercher Zeiting from two investors independently. One is Bill Strong of Equinox Partners. The other is Peter Cundill of Peter Cundill and Associates.

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