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Guy Spier
July 04, 2020

I have been inspired by a number of people to “Learn in Public” – even though that idea seems daunting.

I’ve tried out a couple of tweet-storms – which have certainly been interesting (and got me a couple of thousand new twitter followers).

I’ve also been inspired by the idea of “Mind Garden”. But there is no easy way to set one up: in other words, too much work.

But I thought that I would experiment here with some occasional selections of what’s in my Roam Research “Daily Notes”.

These notes are in no way complete – especially when it comes to investment research – for obvious reasons. Indeed, when it comes to investment research, part of learning how to learn in public seems to me to be about the careful art of what to share – to maximise learning, without giving the whole game say.

I’ve written about some of my areas of investment research focus on my now page.

In the general reading category, I’ve been reading from the blogs of:

  • James Currier
  • Tiago Forte
  • David Perell
  • Anne Laure Le Cunff
  • James Collison
  • Harold Jarche
  • Brian Eno
  • Nadia Ekghal
  • Larry Sanger
  • Nicolas Colin

I’ve been impressed with a number of the email newsletters on substack and have dedicated one of my personal email accounts just for email newsletters.

Best place to react to me on any of this is on twitter: @gspier is my handle.

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