This conversation was with Naama Baram – who is the General Manager of Teva Pharmaceuticals in Switzerland.

Teva and the Pharma Industry


Maria Wislawa Szymborska

Teva Background: 00:48:500
Teva and generics soon to come off patent: 03:05:500
Teva Copaxone 04:38:000
Teva R&D efforts: 06:42:500
Teva R&D budget allocation: 07:51:000

  • Investment stages in clinical trials: 09:400:500
    Teva R&D budget decisions: 10:53:500
    Evaluating Teva for investment: 11:11:500
    Teva Remicade: 12:23:500
    Worlds of healthcare services and devices: 15:17:500
    Pharma industry and covid19: 17:06:400
    Naamas’ family life work balance: 19:50:000
    Key things about meditation: 21:56:000
    Mediation routine: 23:00:000
    Difference between daydreaming and meditation: 24:13:200
    Meditation Resources:
  • Thich Nhat Hanh: 25:30:000
  • Eckhart Tolle author of The Power of Now and A New Earth: 25:42:500
    Naamas’ poetry journey: 26:23:000
    Favourite Poets:
    Maria Wisława Anna Szymborska: 27:32:000
    Bible poems: 28:43:000
    Whose texts should be in the Bible if it were to be rewritten:
    Yehuda Amichai: 29:06:900
    Rumi: 29:21:400
    Hafez: 29:34:500
    Companies & CEO admiration: 30:32:500