Guy Spier interviews Eitan Chitayat who leads Natie, a creative branding agency based in Tel Aviv

Guy Spier originally met Eitan Chitayat at the founding of the Entrepreneurs Organization chapter in Tel Aviv. When it comes to branding, he’s a creative genius.

Guy Spier interviews Camilla Cavendish on US Healthcare, Boris Johnson and the British Election

Our conversation took place before the Coronavirus – and hence in another world. Yet despite reminding us of cherished, past habits the discussion was remarkably prescient.

Guy Spier interviews Dante Albertini of Omaha Capital and some Peruvian investors

I got together with my friend Dante Albertini of Omaha Capital and a group of Peruvian investors to discuss our impressions of the 2020 Berkshire Hathaway Annual General Meeting.

Guy Spier interviews Herman Peterscheck on how to break into the Gaming Industry

Hermann Peterscheck used to make games at a company called Riot. Now he manages Hypernormal Capital which involves a lot of reading, some writing and the occasional investment decision.

Guy Spier interviews Matthew Peterson about whether now is the time to Invest

The Covid-19 pandemic is raging. Countries are locked down, shelter-in-place orders have been issued, and market prices have collapsed with unprecedented volatility.

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