Victor Davis Hanson on National Review Online

This is an excellent explanation of the US’s policy in Iraq. It still astounds me that there are so many people in the free world who want to see it go wrong. Victor Davis Hanson on National Review Online

Arafat: What, no virgins?!?

Arafat: What, no virgins?!?

Updates from Aquamarine – November, 2004

Quarterly Reports now available for Aquamarine Fund Inc. and Aquamarine Value Fund L.P.

Books on my bookshelf

Books on my bookshelf right now: The Alchemist – Coelho On Tyranny – Leo Strauss Attachment – Bowlby The Anticareer guide: Rick Jarow The Man with 1000 Faces – Campbell

Pushkar Bedekar

After giving a talk on investing at Boston University business school, Pushkar Bedekar was one of the people who came up to me afterwards, expressing interest in investing and hedge funds. I told Pushkar what I tell almost all people who approach me in that way, “Pushkar, your best shot with someone like me is […]

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