Georgina Godwin interviews Amanda Pullinger CEO of 100 Women in Finance

In this call, Georgina Godwin and Amanda Pullinger discuss the advantages of having a diverse workplace, and the opportunities presented by having more women take leading roles in finance.

Guy Spier interviews Georgina Godwin who will conduct some of the interviews going forward.

Georgina Godwin discusses with Guy Spier her start as a radio host, working at Monocle, and the importance of asking about the interviewee’s early influences.

Email Update Guy Spier: Knowledge Management in a New Era

In this episode, Guy Spier reads through his most recent email update: Knowledge Management in a New Era, recommending a few pieces of great writing.

Guy Spier interviews Kevin Schawinski about galaxies’ transition process and more

In this conversation, Kevin Schawinski talks to Guy Spier about Supermassive Black Holes, the Big Bang, Quantum Mechanics, Artificial Intelligence and More.

Guy Spier interviews Aaron Edelheit about modern approaches to value investing and more

Guy Spier talks to Aaron Edelheit about Twitter, modern approaches to value investing and a little about the American Home, and his book Chick fil-a.

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