Guy Spier interviews Brian Murray: a partner in Glancy Prongay & Murray.

Brian Murray talks to Guy Spier about contingency lawyers, Robinhood and the history and importance of arbitration clauses.

Guy Spier interviews Yishai Kiczales: an Israeli film critic, songwriter, and lecturer.

Yishai Kiczales talks to Guy Spier about classic books and movies, about the recent changes in the world of cinema, and highlights some things the streaming services are missing.

Guy Spier interviews William Green about his new book, Richer, Wiser, Happier.

William Green shares with Guy Spier the long journey he has been on, before finally reaching the confidence and courage to publish his own book.

Georgina Godwin interviews Philippe Taieb an accomplished and respected consultant and coach

Philippe discusses with Georgina Godwin his upbringing in France, as the son of Tunisian immigrants and the origin of his Arabic name, Taieb.

Guy Spier interviews Jeremy Deal about Hamilton Helmer’s Seven Powers

Guy Spier finds out how Deal uses the framework in his own investment research as well as some of the major takeaways from this research.

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