Georgina Godwin interviews Vanessa Stelling: author of the book Julian and I.

A deeply personal narration of the fears, the struggles and the evolution that she went through by raising her autistic son. She talks about the book, her journey with Julian and where they are in their lives today.

Guy Spier interviews William Oliver & William Barnes: the founders of In Practise

William Oliver & William Barnes give valuable insights on the primary research industry and on topics such as how to conduct high-quality conversations and what part of management to interview.

Guy Spier interviews Jackie Shoback: about her career as general manager and C-suite executive

Jackie Shoback talks to Guy Spier about co-founding her new venture firm, balancing family and a professional career and the future of digital identity.

Guy Spier interviews Adam Mead: about the extensive research for his book.

Adam Mead is a practicing capital allocator, the CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Mead Capital Management, an investment management business he founded in 2014.

Guy Spier interviews Brian Murray: a partner in Glancy Prongay & Murray.

Brian Murray talks to Guy Spier about contingency lawyers, Robinhood and the history and importance of arbitration clauses.

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