Matthew Peterson: Why now might be the best time to Invest
Guy Spier
May 01, 2020

Is now the time to invest? I asked Matthew Peterson this important question for investors

The Covid-19 pandemic is raging. Countries are locked down, shelter-in-place orders have been issued, and market prices have collapsed with unprecedented volatility. Guy poses on the record questions and Matthew shares a rare message with all investors not to miss this opportunity.


Matthew Peterson is the managing partner of Peterson Capital Management, a concentrated, long term, public equity fund.
Guy Spier is the managing partner of Aquamarine Capital and author of The Education of a Value Investor.

Executives Referenced:
Charlie Munger
John Malone
Peter Kaufman
Guy Spier

Businesses Discussed:
Daily Journal
Berkshire Hathaway

Books Recommended:
Commons Stocks and Uncommon Profits by Philip Fisher
A Man for All Markets by Edward Thorp

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