Zero Management Fees – The Survey

In my book, the Education of a Value Investor, I write about my difficulties in getting to a zero management fee structure for my fund. Indeed, it was only my meeting with Mohnish Pabrai, and our subsequent lunch with Warren…

I Learned about Cycling from That

The SpillIt was a cool morning on my second day of cycling in Flanders. I was on a dedicated cycling path, near to Kortrijk at the epicenter of the Spring Classic cycling races. I had joined some club cyclists to ride some legendary routes along with the Cannondale...

With Whom I Would Invest

With Whom would I Invest? If I was not investing professionally myself, who would I hire to invest for me? Here are the criteria that I would use.

On Adversity

Adversity is when the rubber hits the road. It’s not how we behave in the good times that will determine how successful we are in life, but how we act in the bad times.